So Ima write a fanfic.

2010-02-19 23:27:50 by Kyrbz

MGS / L4D crossover to start.

Might add more games/ movies / whatev later.

Here's the first draft of my beginning.

Meryl screamed. She glanced back over her shoulder. They were still coming.
"Pipe bomb going out!" yelled Otacon as he hurled one into the middle of the oncoming horde.
"God, I love the smell of zombie chunks in the morning" growled Snake.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" asked Eva.
"Don't you see the peaceful side of putting these tortured souls to rest?" asked Otacon.
"It's like in my Japanese anime where the protagonist advances the plot by avenging the deaths of those around him."
"Otacon, shut the fuck up," grumbled Meryl.
"No need to be a bitch," mumbled Otacon grumpily.
"I'm just saying there are bigger things to worry about than seeing who shacks up with whom in the next issue," she replied callously.


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2010-02-20 00:28:27

I chuckled


2010-02-20 00:32:32

no thnx.